Empowering Industries With Reliable LTL Shipping Rates and an Unmatched Technology Suite

If you have LTL freight needs, we have a solution for you, regardless of your industry or the complexity of your needs. If you're taking steps to streamline and modernize your company's overall operations, we can provide the industry-specific guidance and solutions you need to make your LTL transportation more efficient and technology-driven.

The Challenges We Help Our Customers Overcome

You likely run into a number of issues when trying to manage your FTL and LTL freight that seem too great to overcome. But all you need is a strategic and consultative partner with the tools and expertise relevant to your industry's transportation needs.

That's where we come in. Our strategic and consultative approach to freight has benefited many types of companies. Current customers come from industries as diverse as restaurant equipment, work truck, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, janitorial and sanitation equipment and foodservice supplies—just to name a few. Our experience certainly doesn't limit us to these specific industries. It's always exciting to discover how easily our program can integrate into a new customer’s line of business.

We haven't run into a problem that we can't solve. These are some of the most common issues our customers come to us with.

Freight Pricing Icon

Freight Pricing

The Problem

The foodservice supply industry as a whole runs on slim margins compared to other industries, so freight pricing is something that foodservice companies need to be extremely sensitive about. But this is just one example. Many companies in countless industries run on shoestring transportation budgets and need to be able to accurately predict their transportation spends.

The Solution

By thoroughly vetting LTL freight carriers and establishing strong relationships with them—and by conducting a deep analysis of your needs right at the start—we're able to lock down year-long contracts with the reliable carriers you need. The result is accurate freight pricing that you can predict month after month.

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Quote Rates Accurately Icon

An Inability to Quote Rates Accurately

The Problem

Instead of properly classifying products, companies in many industries guess freight rates based on weight or some other rudimentary metric—a practice that almost always results in someone losing money.

The Solution

We have a team of NMFC experts who will ensure your freight is classified properly. And our transportation management system software will give you the tools you need to find accurate freight rates quickly, via web portal, mobile app or your systems.

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A Limited or Nonexistent Product Library

The Problem

Having a limited product library that's poorly classified (or not having one at all) makes providing accurate upfront quotes for your LTL freight shipments an impossibility.

The Solution

Our team of in-house NMFC classification experts can audit your entire product library (or help you create one) and figure out what the class of your freight should be. They'll also tell you exactly how to fill out your bill of lading (BOL) to make sure you're getting an accurate quote from our carriers that won't change later on.

Claims Issues Icon

Claims Issues

The Problem

If you're shipping large, bulky products that are easily damaged, like restaurant equipment, claims ratios are a major problem.

The Solution

The LTL freight carriers we pair you with are always reliable and skilled at shipping your types of products. However, in the event damage or loss occurs, we're able to provide you with assistance in filing a claim with the carrier.

Always Know Your LTL Shipping Rates and Which Carrier Will Show Up

Each industry has different shipping needs, which is why we put in the legwork upfront to understand what those are. Every one of our customer engagements begins with a deep analysis, where we work with you to lay out the characteristics of the products you're shipping and your other freight requirements.

We're never simply matching a shipment to a carrier. We're matching you with the carrier or carriers who can provide the best pricing and most consistent capacity based on your company's short- and long-term transportation needs—regardless of industry. We then transparently negotiate competitive rates on your behalf that remain locked in for an entire calendar year.

This results in:

  • Knowing exactly what you'll be paying for each shipment over the next year.
  • Knowing which carriers will show up at your docks on any given day.

Because of the strong relationships we have with LTL freight carriers, you receive sustainable and transparent LTL shipping rates and reliable service from day one.

Transportation Management System Software That's Customizable for Your Industry

Certain industries have always run behind the times when it comes to using the latest technologies. We understand that there are complex reasons for this. That's why, instead of offering you a solution that you're incapable of managing, our goal is to empower you with a technology suite that meets you where you're at.

ReTrans Freight offers several supply chain technologies as part of our service offerings. We provide a customizable self-service website and mobile app, branded customer tracking and vendor routing websites, APIs, EDI solutions and custom data extracts. Customers are encouraged to select the technologies that are best suited for their organizations.

We're able to provide these highly customizable solutions because the breadth of knowledge held by the ReTrans Freight team goes back decades. This allows us to be much more strategic and targeted in our approach compared to other FTL and LTL freight transportation companies. And it means we can provide custom solutions that make sense for your industry.

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