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    Freight Savings Analysis:

    Here’s How We Create Your Freight Savings Analysis



    1. Data collection: You provide us a data file representing a 30-day sample of your freight activity, excluding small parcel. We also require that you provide pictures of your freight, letters of authorization, density information and all info about your current pricing arrangements.

    2. Cost and process analysis: We review this information using our proprietary analytics workbench and provide an in-depth shipment-by-shipment comparison that shows what you paid versus the amount you can expect to pay using one of our carrier partners. Using this data, we also search for opportunities that could potentially make your entire freight-management process more efficient.

    3. Results: After conducting our analysis, we present you with a proposal that outlines the monetary savings you can expect to achieve as well as recommend specific technological or operational enhancements that will give your company a competitive edge in today’s market.

    80% of Companies Achieve Savings

    Eight out of every ten companies who take advantage of our Risk-Free Freight Savings Analysis are able to start saving based on our recommendations because our results are based on real numbers and data, as opposed to theories and predictions. The savings we call out are achievable and committed based on the negotiated pricing we have in place with our carrier partners.

    We also go beyond the numbers to look at how your company is currently managing its freight, taking note of:

    • Cross-departmental inefficiencies
    • Time spent on management of freight bills
    • Discrepancies between actual versus quoted freight activity
    • Vendor/carrier routing management
    • Freight misclassifications

    Our deep industry knowledge allows us to analyze how the entire freight management process impacts your company. It also allows us to make actionable suggestions about how we can help improve your company’s overall efficiency. 

    Our thorough approach is suited for companies of all sizes.

    We Believe in Full Transparency

    • No commitment: Applying for a Freight Savings Analysis doesn’t obligate you to do business with us.
    • Never a contract: Should you decide to do business with us, you will never be locked into a contract.
    • 48 hour response: Once you submit the form, one of our logistics experts will respond within 48 hours.

    Your information is secure. We take security and privacy seriously. Any information you provide will remain confidential.