Our No-Cost Freight Savings Analysis will show you how you can immediately reduce your freight spend and where process improvements can be made for
greater overall efficiency.


Consider Me For a No-Cost
Freight Savings Analysis

Here is how we will create your Freight Savings Analysis:

1. Data Collection
You will provide us with a data file representing a 30 day snapshot of your freight activity, excluding small parcel. 

2. Cost Analysis
We’ll review this information using our proprietary analytics workbench and provide you with an in-depth shipment by shipment comparison outlining your current pay amount versus the amount you can expect to pay if that same shipment had moved with one of our carrier partners.

3. Process Analysis
We will match our results with the data you provided and search for opportunities that could potentially streamline the efficiency of your freight process.

4. Results
After completing our freight savings analysis, you will be presented with our results which will outline the monetary savings you can expect to achieve plus our recommendations on specific technological/operational enhancements that will give your company a competitive edge in today’s market. 


Our approach is suited for companies of all sizes.

Our results are based on real freight numbers and data. Your actual savings potential is based on our negotiated pricing.

We also go beyond the math to look at how you're currently handling the freight process, such as:

  • Cross-departmental inefficiencies
  • Time spent managing freight bills
  • Discrepancies between actual vs. quoted freight activity
  • Vendor/carrier routing management
  • Freight misclassifications

We analyze how the freight process impacts your entire company and make suggestions on how we can help improve your overall efficiency.

80% of prospects who take advantage of our Freight Savings Analysis are able to immediately achieve the cost benefits and operational efficiencies we uncover.


“Using ReTrans Freight to reduce costs and increase efficiencies in your supply chain is a guaranteed investment.”

Tim Walsh / VP Sales



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

It takes an average of 30 days to thoroughly analyze the data you provide.

Who will be performing this analysis?
Your analysis will be done by our team of in-house transportation/pricing analysts.

How much does it cost to hire ReTrans Freight to manage my 3PL?
We charge a very minimal retainer fee which is determined when our analysis is complete and we present our proposal to you.

This fee covers the in-house administration of your account.  Freight savings is just the tip of the iceberg.  You cannot put a number on the value our services will bring to your organization.  Every single company that has hired us has seen a positive ROI almost immediately.

Analysis Details: 

No Commitment

Applying for a Freight Savings Analysis does not oblige you to do business with us.

No Contract

If you decide to do business with us, you still are not tied to any kind of contract.

Hear Back From Us Within 48 hrs.

Apply by filling out the form and expect to hear from one of our logistics experts within 48 hours.

Your Information Is Secure

We hold your information in strictest confidence