Manage Your Freight With Our Web Portal and Drive Growth By Integrating Our Freight Management Systems With Yours

Custom Web Portal & Freight Management Systems Integration Overview

With our one-of-a-kind freight and logistics software solutions, your company maximizes its flexibility, which helps expand what it’s capable of achieving.


Custom Web Portal

Our web portal helps you manage all your daily freight-related tasks.


APIs & System Integration

Realize operational efficiencies and new opportunities with integrated systems.


Vendor Routing Web Portal

Our vendor routing portal assures appropriate carrier usage and savings.


EDI Capabilities & Data Integration

Simplify how you work with more ways to make freight management seamless.


Mobile Freight Tracking App

Our mobile freight tracking app allows you to keep track of shipments wherever you are.

A Custom Web Portal That Ties Everything Together

With the industry-leading ReTrans Freight Web Portal, you get a customizable freight-management hub for your entire company. From it, you can manage all daily freight-related tasks, including:

  • Freight Dashboard
  • Invoicing
  • Document Imaging (BOL, DR, W&I)
  • Custom Reporting
  • BOL Preparation
  • Rate Quotes
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Carrier Service Times

Freight Management Systems Integration Drives Growth

While a customized web portal is a great way to access and house information, the technology solutions we can offer are much more robust than that. We can further integrate our freight management software with yours (using application programming interfaces, or APIs) to improve efficiencies and, ultimately, grow your operation.

Don’t worry, we advise you every step of the way.

During our Risk Free Freight Savings Analysis, one of our experts quickly identifies ways we can integrate our suite of tools into your business processes and across your entire operation.

For example, if your sales department uses our freight calculator 100 times per day, we can directly link it to your application using an API. This one integration alone would make your entire quoting process more efficient by eliminating the manual effort that goes into checking rates, assigning codes and data entry.

Imagine what efficiencies can be achieved from multiple integrations.


Your Vendors Get Accurate, Least-Cost Routing Guidance

The technology solutions you receive from us don’t just benefit you, they also greatly benefit your vendors. We can customize and host a Vendor Routing Web Portal and link it directly to your company’s ReTrans Freight account.

Your vendors then gain immediate access to all relevant routing information, including:

  • Transit time
  • Routing instructions
  • Special requirements

Further Streamline Processes with These Solutions

Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software or custom data files, we can further integrate with your systems to create exceptional freight management efficiencies. We leverage EDI or custom data files to simplify customers’ back office processes:

  • Receive carrier invoices electronically and eliminate manual data entry
  • Have general ledger numbers assigned to your carrier invoicing prior to receipt
  • EDI or custom data file imports are standard in most accounting systems
  • Receive status messaging electronically to improve shipment visibility

Our freight dashboard will give you the ability to run reports directly through your custom web portal. In addition, we’ll take care of scanning and storing all of your documents, freeing your internal resources.

You can also eliminate hours of data entry using our bill of lading (BOL) software. We can integrate the rate quoting right into your BOL application so you can generate your quote and carrier options with a single click without ever leaving your current BOL application.

Custom Freight Tracking on the Go

The power of our freight management portal is now at your fingertips. With our mobile freight tracking app, you can quote and track shipments on the go by utilizing two of our most widely-used features. Learn more.


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