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Reduce Your Freight Spend

Carrier & Routing Management Overview

Get the best carrier rates and service possible thanks to the strong relationships we’ve developed in the freight industry over the last three decades.


Carrier Pricing Program

Get the best possible rates from top carriers.


Core Carrier Selection

Select the best combination of carriers to serve your needs.


Vendor Routing Information

Access crucial real-time routing and rating data for your vendors.


Simplified Shipment Tracking

We negotiate, so you don't have to.

Get the Best Possible Rates from Top LTL Freight Carriers

You have specific carrier requirements and need to stay within budget. We have a solution thanks to our Carrier Pricing Program. We leverage our expertise and LTL freight volume to negotiate the best possible rates for your specific needs with only quality LTL carriers.

Some of the specific benefits this program offers include:

  • Rates that are negotiated on a calendar year basis to protect you from the open market’s rate increases
  • Pre-negotiated fuel surcharges that are up to 50% lower than industry average
  • A payment and audit system that ensures your billing is always accurate
  • Many waived or reduced accessorial charges

See How Much You Can Save

Select the Best Combination of LTL Carriers to Serve Your Needs

Because we never sacrifice service for price, we use only top-quality national and regional LTL freight carriers that can expertly meet all your shipping needs. We’ve established strong, collaborative relationships over our 30-plus years in the industry, which translates into more first-rate options for you. Never again will you need to shop around to get LTL freight quotes from multiple carriers. We take care of it for you.

Access Crucial Real-Time Routing and Rating Data for Your Vendors

Real-time routing and rating information can prove to be invaluable, and by working with ReTrans Freight, you’re able to obtain it by using our web portal. We even provide individual routing and billing instructions for your vendors and help you reduce costs by giving you the tools to identify when your vendors fail to use the designated freight carrier.

Accurate and Effortless Shipment Tracking

We capture all LTL freight tracking data from carriers, which makes it easy for freight and customer service departments to locate a particular shipment at any time. Keep track of shipments wherever you are with our mobile freight tracking app!

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