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    Success Stories

    La Cuisine International Saves 15% on Hard Costs and Creates a Seamless Customer Experience

    The Challenge

    La Cuisine International, a distributor of high-end kitchen appliances and plumbing, wanted to create a seamless online experience for customers—specifically those who purchase commodities from La Cuisine International's online eCommerce store that are too large for small parcel and over 70 pounds.

    Unfortunately, the company was relying on a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that was unable to integrate with La Cuisine International's online shopping cart. This meant that once customers chose an item, they were forced to call La Cuisine International for freight estimates.

    It was an inadequate customer experience that ultimately caused shopping cart abandonment and lost sales.

    The Solution

    La Cuisine International’s eCommerce director reached out to learn more about ReTrans Freight's eCommerce shipping solution. During an initial conversation, ReTrans Freight found that La Cuisine International wanted to incorporate less-than-truckload (LTL) freight costs into their shopping cart because the current customer experience was leading to cart abandonment.

    ReTrans Freight asked that La Cuisine International send over all of the company's current freight data, including information on origins, destinations, commodities shipped and shipment spends.

    Using this data, ReTrans Freight was able to present a comprehensive multi-carrier eCommerce shipping solution complete with technology integrations that allowed La Cuisine International to deliver LTL freight costs directly into their shopping cart.

    Additionally, ReTrans Freight was able to deliver a solution that saved La Cuisine International 15% savings on hard costs. This is largely because of ReTrans Freight's buying power and great carrier relationships.

    According to Carlos Antillano, head of kitchen essentials and eCommerce at La Cuisine, the ReTrans Freight eCommerce shipping solution has provided value and cost savings that have contributed to significant sales growth.

    La Cuisine customers now pay less for LTL shipping and receive a seamless online shopping experience.

    HoodMart Sees Over 400% Increase in Online Sales Within Two Years

    The Challenge

    HoodMart, a leading supplier of high-quality commercial and restaurant kitchen ventilation equipment, was looking for an eCommerce integration that allowed them to turn their current phone orders—that their customer service team was processing—into online store purchases. When the company reached out to ReTrans Freight, it was relying on two different 3PLs to handle a combined $475,000 annualized freight spend.

    The Solution

    Following a referral from a current ReTrans Freight customer, HoodMart started initial conversations, which revealed that the company was looking for an eCommerce shipping solution that helped them save on freight costs and operate more efficiently.

    Early on in conversations, the ReTrans Freight’s team was able to identify a missing component—technology integration into HoodMart's ERP system. This integration would allow them to receive orders through their online store and decrease phone orders.

    In addition to providing the integration, ReTrans Freight spent four weeks analyzing HoodMart's shipping data and, as a result, was able to negotiate reduced, unfluctuating LTL freight costs that they could then pass along to their customers.

    A few months later, HoodMart realized they needed more customization. That's when ReTrans Freight reached out to a strategic partner, ShipperHQ, to provide a turnkey eCommerce shipping solution.

    “The native shipping capabilities of HoodMart’s eCommerce platform didn’t allow for too much customization,” said Quentin Montalto, chief operating officer at ShipperHQ. "That’s why ReTrans Freight reached out to us. They wanted to offer LTL freight costs with both dimensional shipping and multi-origin rating support."

    Using ShipperHQ’s shipping experience management platform, HoodMart is now able to provide rates from multiple warehouses and take into account pallet sizes when calculating live LTL freight costs. They can even create customized shipping rules that target specific product groups, like adding a surcharge to HoodMart's items being shipped west of the Mississippi.

    “Together with ReTrans Freight, we are able to provide companies who sell heavy or oversized products, like HoodMart, with solutions that improve both their shipping margins and buyer experiences at checkout,” said Montalto.

    The integration gave HoodMart complete transparency into shipping rates, reporting, documentation handling and invoice functions—all in one platform.

    Approximately six months after partnering with ReTrans Freight, HoodMart was able to integrate ReTrans Freight's software with SalesForce. As HoodMart’s business needs evolve, ReTrans Freight’s eCommerce shipping solutions have been there to support every evolution.

    As of 2019, HoodMart ships $2 million worth of freight from eCommerce sales each year, which is more than 400% greater than what the company was shipping prior to partnering with ReTrans Freight in March 2017.

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