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SEO For Toddlers

We can also provide Search Engine Optimization services so cool that they leverage the cognitive searches of 3 year olds.  They can now search things like “bu-buuu -da-daaa,” and our algorithm will interpret and find the best match.

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Here’s what’s freight management without ReTrans Freight

A typical transaction for a company handling large product shipments might look something like this:

  1. The customer asks about an order for a product
  2. Your salesperson needs  to give them a quote
  3. He has to figure out  how much the shipping cost would be
  4. He gets what he thinks is the “best rate” from a carrier
  5. He adds it to the quote
  6. He sends the quote back to the client

Now the customer needs some time to think and by the time they’ve made a decision, it’s one month later. What happens now?

  1. Your salesperson pulls up the rate quote for the freight
  2. He calls the carrier to make sure the price is still valid
  3. It’s not
  4. He tries to find another carrier who can meet the original price
  5. He can’t

Your salesperson has one of two options:

  1. Talk to the customer and let them know the shipping quote went up and the invoice needs to be updated. The customer won’t like that at all.
  2. Say nothing at all and take the additional cost out of the profit.

It’s not a pretty picture.


ReTrans can make all the difference with its Enterprise Freight Solutions