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Carrier Selection Process

We only partner with carriers that offer the same kind of high level service and visibility we expect for our customers. 

We have a strict and thorough carrier selection process that ensures that we work only with the best combination of carriers to serve your needs.

The Process

  1. We start by getting to know the carrier. Our goal is to have long-term relationships, so before we officially sign on, we test them out. We make sure that we're on the same page and that we get the kind of visibility that we expect at a corporate level.

  2. Then we focus on the carrier's quality. We look into on-time delivery, claims ratio, geographic reach, technological capabilities, and customer service. We tend to only work with the biggest carriers out there that have the broadest coverage and have the capability to support our customers with technology.

  3. After that, we assess our ability to leverage our spend with them. We want to use our client base to get the best deals and the best prices with no mark-ups or hidden tariffs.

  4. Finally, we check their financial stability to make sure they have a sound economic structure.

Key Partner Carrier Contract Requirements

One Calendar Year of Frozen Rates.

Rate increases of 5-6% can happen once and even twice a year in the transportation industry, significantly impacting your freight budget. Our contracts freeze your rates for the year to protect your delivered pricing programs, prevent loss from unforeseen rate increases, and safeguard your profit margins.

Customized Fuel Surcharge Program.

Fuel surcharges in the industry can significantly increase your Net Freight Charges. Our proprietary fuel surcharge program offers fuel surcharges that are 50% lower than the industry average.

Waiver / Reduction of Most Accessorial Charges.

Accessorial charges are fees that carriers add on top of the normal rates. Through our partnerships, we can either reduce these fees or waive them altogether, resulting in a much lower price for you.

Frozen Rules Tariff.

Sometimes carriers change their tariff schemes without mentioning it to their partners. Our frozen rules tariff ensures that never happens to our customers. We audit all the carrier bills before you see them so if anything gets added, we automatically cut it back.
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    “Partnering with ReTrans Freight has been a pleasure.  They are focused on delivering service and value to their clients.  We look forward to keep being a carrier partner with ReTrans for a long time.”
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