ReTrans Freight Simplifies Customer’s Online Shopping Experience

Written by ReTrans Freight

Elyse is in the market for a new outdoor gas grill. She found the one she likes, but she wonders how much it’s going to cost to get it shipped to her house. She decides to wait a week or so and think about it. 

Marshall is the distribution manager of an online appliance store. He knows there are many times that customers, like Elyse, have to leave his website because he is unable to provide the delivery cost electronically, and customers don’t always take the time to place a phone call. Sometimes they abandon the entire sale and go buy their appliance from a local store.

Marshall visits ReTransFreight and gets a No-Cost Freight Savings Analysis. In addition to the competitive pricing he will receive, he’s stunned to discover that ReTrans Freight can integrate his freight rates into his ecommerce site, which significantly improves his customer’s buying experience. ReTrans Freight has been in business for more than 25 years and is the premier choice for companies, like Marshall’s, who utilize LTL and truckload freight for the merchandise they sell.ecommerce.jpgMarshall wishes there was a way to streamline the entire process between the manufacturer, the carrier and the end customer, all from within his company’s website. Through XML technology and LTL freight pricing management, ReTrans Freight does just that and can integrate shipping costs right into the shopping cart. Plus, with ReTrans Freight, Marshall gets access to data and reports so that he can track which carriers are performing the best.

It’s a week later and Elyse is back in the market for an outdoor gas grill. She goes to Marshall’s company website and finds exactly what she wants. She’s now able to see how much it will cost to have it shipped right from the shopping cart and discovers that it can be delivered next week for a really great price. Thrilled, Elyse hits the “Buy” button. Marshall’s company made the sale, and Elyse is thrilled with her new outdoor gas grill.

Experience the benefits of reduced internal administrative hassles, web-based management tools, a fully-integrated shopping cart and access to a highly seasoned and experienced logistics staff. Visit and get your No-Cost Freight Savings Analysis today.


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