September 2017 CCSB Public Docket

Written by Neal Willis

public-dockets.jpgAs a result of the public meeting of the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) on September 12, 2017, the following items were approved for re-classification under the NMFC’s rules tariff. The changes will be effective 11/25/2017. Shippers should refer to the public docket files on the CCSB website for all results and details. If you are shipping any of these items, you will need to change the description on your Bill of Lading effective 11/25/17 and quote with the new corresponding class from that date forward in order to obtain an accurate costing. Listed below are some of the “big ticket items” that were approved:

  • Items 47500 And 47510: China, Ceramic Ware, Earthenware, Porcelain or Stoneware NOI.
    • 47500 Has Been Changed To A Full 11 Sub Density Item With RVNX (Released Value Not Exceeding) 1.70 P/Lb. 
    • Item 47510 Has Been Cancelled
  • Items 152940 And 152960: Paper Dishes, Plates, Trays
    • 152940 Has Been Changed To A 2 Sub Density Item Based On Density With Two New Classes (77.5 Or 125)
    • 152960 Has Been Cancelled With The Associated Items Added To 152940
  • Item 53010: Ice Cream Cabinets Or Freezers
    • 53010 Has Been Changed From A Cl 92.5 To A Class 125 

All of the information regarding CCSB meetings is made available to the public. The CCSB informs the public any proposed changes at least 30 days in advance of their public meetings, which are typically held several times each year. They also provide the public with a means by which they can dispute proposed changes to any suggested amendments. Shippers can find more information on classification and the classification making process on the National Motor Freight Traffic Association website. As we’ve noted before, when used to the fullest extent this resource really gives shippers the power and ability to defend against freight class changes and changes to the NMFC.