ReTrans Freight Launches Mobile Freight Tracking App

Written by Theodore Higgins

retrans freight mobile appI remember when I got my first smartphone. My initial thought was, what’s the hype? Sure, I didn’t have to flip it open or raise the antenna, but what was all the buzz about? Little did I know that eventually my smartphone would essentially run my life. Fast-forward to today and the smartphone industry has evolved into a billion-dollar market with Apple recently becoming the first company ever to reach $1 trillion in value. Smartphones have become as much a part of you as the shirt you’re wearing. These devices allow us to keep in contact with our friends and family and enable us to be a little more productive no matter where we are. Fortunately, there are still a few places in the world that really let you disconnect, but by and large this has become the age of mobile technology.

Mobile devices have gone through several evolutions over the past two decades. The first transformation occurred when companies focused on creating compact phones. The smaller the phone, the more desirable it was to consumers. Does anyone remember the Pantech C300? It was less than 3 inches in length! Not great for productivity but the novelty was certainly there. When it comes to size, mobile phone manufacturers soon learned that maybe smaller isn’t better after all. When the focus shifted to adding features to phones, companies started integrating music and games which then lead to larger screens. Then, when Apple first released the iPhone in mid-2007, the entire smartphone industry was revolutionized.

If you own a smartphone today, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have an email application installed on it. When it comes to the history of mobile app development, beyond calculators and basic games, email was one of the first with Blackberry introducing their concept application in 2002. Having email at your fingertips allows you to communicate from almost anywhere. Just a few years ago, most people only checked their emails on their computers and would reply a couple of times a day. Nowadays, people are fully connected and can reply from their smartphones immediately, regardless if they are in the office or not. Whether or not you choose to check your work email while on vacation is up to you though, no judgements here!

A recent study by Flurry Analytics shows that people use apps 86% of the time while on their smartphone. The hype used to focus on the hardware but now apps are a 60-billion-dollar industry with an expected growth to 6.3 trillion-dollars by 2021. There is seemingly no end to what your smartphone can do thanks to the innovation of mobile apps. Fitness apps help you to stay in shape while electronic payment apps allow you to pay for groceries without even pulling out your wallet. If practicality isn’t your style, there’s plenty out there designed purely for entertainment. HQ Trivia anyone?

mobile freight tracking app

Knowing how heavily people rely on applications these days, the ReTrans Freight team has just released our first freight tracking app on iOS. Bringing productivity to a new level, our new freight app will allow you to keep track of your shipments wherever you are. You may not want to answer your bosses’ email on vacation but when a customer needs to know where their shipment is you certainly want to reply! We are excited to bring the power of our freight management portal right to your fingertips. Want to check it out? Head to iTunes and search ‘ReTransFreight’ or click this link if you are on an Apple device: iTunes store.