ReTrans Freight, ShipperHQ Work to Help Merchants Scale Their Business

Written by Ashley Overton

innovative-ecommerce-experience.jpgB2B companies are coming to understand the value and potential of selling online, but are finding themselves running into roadblocks because of the heavy B2C focus of eCommerce technology. In today’s world, customers are tech-savvy and have high expectations when shopping online, whether it be with a B2C or B2B business.

Shipping is one of the main factors in the buyer’s decision-making process, yet B2B merchants are often faced with the difficult challenge of addressing cart abandonment with inadequate eCommerce technology to fit their needs. ShipperHQ was built with the mission to make shipping for eCommerce merchants easier. As the wife of a merchant, Karen Baker, our company’s Founder & CEO, experienced firsthand what it takes to sell online and the challenges of shipping. Unable to find a solution that was powerful enough to handle all of their shipping needs, she took matters into her own hands and built WebShopApps, followed by ShipperHQ.

B2B sellers often find themselves in a similar situation when looking for solutions to fit their unique needs in the new eCommerce world. For merchants who are shipping Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight and freight-sized items, the lack of support in most systems is particularly limiting.

In order to innovate and enhance the B2B eCommerce experience, we’ve partnered with ReTrans Freight. Our seamless integration with ReTrans Freight allows merchants selling oversized items online to offer customers the most accurate live shipping rates possible. Together, we allow merchants to immediately display detailed shipping options at checkout, providing customers the transparency they expect. In turn, they can spend less time speaking with customers about shipping and more time selling the product.

ShipperHQ and ReTrans Freight will continue to work to help merchants scale their businesses. Together we can offer merchants the tools they need to ship efficiently and effectively. See the Enterprise Management Company, ReTrans Freight, and the #1 Shipping Management System, ShipperHQ, in action by visiting