ReTrans Freight Kicks Off eCommerce Conferences With Shoptalk

Written by Nicola Malaney

ReTrans Freight is thinking spring, and not just for the longer days, warmer weather or Opening Day. No, we’re excited about spring because we’re kicking off a busy season of eCommerce conferences!


Next week we’ll be hitting the road to attend Shoptalk in Las Vegas, and it’s looking like it will be an amazing show. There will be keynote speeches from eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Google as well as leading retailers like Target, Nike and Ulta.

More than 400 exhibitors and sponsors will be ready to mingle and share ideas. Unlike the host city’s famous slogan, we’re hoping that what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas, but will be brought back and turned into additional value for our clients.

So what is a freight management company doing at an eCommerce show? Well, we’re certainly not attending to get tips for selling our vintage baseball cards on eBay, although I sure wish I had some Mickey Mantle cards lying around!

No, we’re getting more involved in the eCommerce community and learning about what the future holds so that we can remain progressive and continue to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology and forward thinking.

As more and more goods are bought and sold online, the demand for seamless integration of all types of transportation is rising. Currently, most products sold online are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service or a courier like UPS or FedEx. However, for products surpassing the 150-pound mark, parcel shipping is no longer cost effective. And while sending products via parcel service comes with a learning curve, there’s an added layer of complexity when it comes to LTL freight.

To be priced correctly, several factors need to be considered. These range from the product’s freight class and dimensional weight to whether there are any accessorial costs. For more details on the components of LTL pricing, check out our blog on Comparing Freight Shipping Quotes.

Thanks to the ‘Amazon Effect,’ consumers want their goods right away, no matter the size. This presents a challenge to merchants of bulky goods. A cumbersome checkout experience will undoubtedly lead to cart abandonment, so merchants need a seamless LTL solution if they want to stay ahead of the pack. ReTrans Freight is of course already offering this kind of solution, but with the rate at which things change nowadays, we’re committed to innovation!

We’re excited to be meeting with some of the sharpest industry minds from both the tech and retail worlds to brainstorm the next wave of B2C and B2B LTL logistics challenges. Along with our partner, ShipperHQ, we’re going to be hosting wine and refreshments on March 18 from 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. We’ll also be posting a recap of our trip shortly after we get back, so stay tuned to hear all about our experience! If you happen to be attending the show, let us know and we’ll gladly set up a time to chat!