ReTrans Freight to Exhibit at IRCE in Chicago

Written by Nicola Malaney

Do we have any internet-trivia buffs in the audience? Well, if you consider yourself one then perhaps you can answer questions like:

  • In what year did public commercial use of the internet begin?
  • When did the dot-com bubble burst?

The answers are (according to many sources) 1991 and 2001, respectively, but can you name the year that the first eCommerce transaction was completed? Or better yet, what was the item purchased in that transaction?

ReTrans Freight IRCE Logo

As a pub-quiz nerd myself, I’m hoping one of these days that question will be asked, and I’ll secure my team’s path to victory by answering 1994, and Sting’s “Ten Summoner’s Tales” CD. Yes, eCommerce can officially be traced back to 1994, which is also the year that Jeff Bezos founded Coincidence? That following year, eBay also made its debut.

In the subsequent years after the advent of eCommerce, the retail industry began a metamorphosis. While many have dubbed this period of time the “Retail Apocalypse,” it’s much more of an evolution. Yes, many brick-and-mortar storefronts have disappeared, but a lot of what is happening is that retailers are changing their strategies and putting much more focus on the consumer experience.

By keeping up with what customers desire, be it speedy delivery or an ultra-personal shopping experience, merchants are differentiating their brands and gaining consumer loyalty. One of the ways retailers stay on top of consumer trends is by attending conferences that focus on these topics.

IRCE (the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) boasts over 600 vendors that are geared to take e-tailers to the next level. This year, ReTrans Freight is one of those vendors, and we’re very excited to be spending the week in Chicago ready to demonstrate how our freight management solutions can streamline shipping for those that move heavy or bulky goods. We’ll be at booth 260 while our partner, ShipperHQ, will be close by at booth 360. We’ll be happy to show off how our solutions work together to synchronize eCommerce shipping.

IRCE kicks off June 5, and the agenda is packed with educational sessions run by members of notable retailers such as Urban Outfitters, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom and Lego. Topics range from fulfillment and operations to eCommerce technology. There are sessions geared toward both B2C and B2B merchants, so there is something for everyone.

If that wasn’t enough, you could even win a brand new car! Last year, a lucky attendee went home with a shiny new Mercedes Benz. While I won’t get my hopes up that I’ll be driving home instead of flying, I will be sure to come home with new insights and ideas surrounding the ‘Retail Revolution.’ Look for a recap of the week shortly after we get back.

Going to IRCE? Let us know! Or simply stop by booth 260. We’d love to meet you!