See You on the Strip! ReTrans Freight to Attend Imagine 2018 in Vegas

Written by Nicola Malaney

ecommerce-platform-conferenceImagine that! The ReTrans Freight team is heading back to Las Vegas!

Nearly a month after attending Shoptalk, we’re returning to the Entertainment Capital of the World for Imagine 2018, an eCommerce conference at the Wynn. The three-day event (April 23-25) will be hosted by Magento, one of the world’s top open source online selling platforms. For the not so tech-savvy among us, open source means you have the flexibility to make as many adaptations and modifications as you like.

Just like businesses, eCommerce platforms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so whether you are a start-up or large-scale, enterprise-level store, there’s a platform for you. Magento’s offering is usually better for the latter. Next month, we’ll be heading to Toronto for the Shopify conference, so I’ll talk more about platforms geared toward beginners when I preview our excursion to the Great White North.

Many name brands familiar to you run their online stores on Magento. Burger King, Canon and everybody’s favorite aerobics program, Jazzercise, are all Magento users. Magento has built a very agile platform, backed by 150,000 developers and over 300 solution partners. Part of that group is our partner, ShipperHQ, who we work with to simplify heavy freight logistics for B2B and B2C merchants using eCommerce.

ShipperHQ is a gold sponsor of this year’s Magento Imagine conference and will be posting up at booth 307 during the show, so when we’re not checking out the exhibits or the educational sessions, it’s likely you’ll find the ReTrans Freight crew there too. We’re excited to show the Magento community just what we can do!

ShipperHQ also invited us to sponsor this year’s PreImagine, the pre-game event that everyone has been touting as a great way to get a head start on networking. With over 3,000 eCommerce merchants and solutions providers attending the Imagine conference, it will be a challenge to get time with everyone, so this event is an opportunity to strike up a conversation with some like-minded folks before the craziness of the next three days ensues.

For those up for a different kind of challenge, there is the Big Dam Run which for some reason I decided to sign up for. It’s a bright and early 5/10k run at the Hoover Dam. Needless to say, after this event, I will most certainly need a nap before PreImagine begins that night.

We’re excited about our second eCommerce show of the year, which is sure to leave us full of new ideas and perspectives. The agenda is full of sessions built to teach attendees about business innovations, growth strategies, technology and winning eCommerce trends.

Look for a recap of what we learned at the end of the month, that is if another snowstorm doesn’t pound the East Coast and leave me stranded in Las Vegas like last time. It’s feeling like the winter that never ends here, so you can imagine how good 80 degrees and sunny is sounding right about now!