Q&A About Our Partnership with eCommerce Platform Provider 3dcart

Written by Nicola Malaney

eCommerce_PlatformWe announced our partnership with 3dcart which makes ReTrans Freight’s eCommerce shipping solutions, specifically heavy-freight management services, available via API integration to all 3dcart clients. It also gives our clients access to 3dcart’s leading eCommerce platform services that focus on increasing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Below are the frequently asked questions that we’ve gotten about the eCommerce platform, trends in the industry and our partnership.

1. What are the major benefits delivered by modern eCommerce platforms?

eCommerce has undergone constant refinement since its early days. Throughout the growth of the industry, solutions have been engineered for problems that could never have been identified without experience. Modern eCommerce platforms have the benefit of this experience, and in many cases have been built specifically to follow the best practices that evolved over time.

Ease of use is a major factor. Today, it's possible to build a successful eCommerce business even if you have no experience in website development or selling products online. Modern eCommerce platforms like 3dcart provide all the essential tools to do just that. The learning curve is dramatically less than if someone was developing a website from scratch.

Modern eCommerce platforms also take into account all the intricacies involved in selling online. Sales tracking and other important business features are already built into the software. 3dcart makes it even easier by providing a 24/7/365 US-based support team, as well as an abundance of helpful articles and other resources to help your business become a success.

Finally, security is extremely important. Modern platforms are constantly updated to fight back against any new vulnerabilities or fraud techniques that emerge. With the SaaS model, this becomes even simpler for online business owners as the required updates are installed by the eCommerce platform provider.

2. What can shippers look out for in 2019 from these types of systems (i.e., new industry disruptors and trends)?

We are seeing a strong shift toward personalization. Any platform that stays on top of trends, like 3dcart, will implement the type of features that serve the increasing need for customization. For example, we've seen growing demand for certain payment methods like digital wallets and buy now/pay later financing. 3dcart has added more and more of these payment methods to our integrations so our merchants can further customize their stores to meet their customers' needs.

Other personalization trends center on improving the quality of customer engagement. We've seen growing usage of chatbots, which can recommend products, help customers troubleshoot and more, using machine learning to improve their responses. Messaging apps are also seeing increased usage as an additional customer service channel. More customers are using voice search as well, so it's important for online businesses to optimize for voice search.

3. What is 3dcart and why is it different than the other types of platforms out there?

3dcart is a full-featured SaaS eCommerce platform that combines everything you need to run an online store into a single package. Our features are the main quality that make us stand out from other platforms. We provide more built-in functionality on all plans than any other provider.

This focus dates back to 3dcart's founding by Gonzalo Gil back in 1997. After working on custom programming for the online shopping carts of numerous businesses, he noticed patterns in the features that were always being requested. From there, he developed 3dcart as the eCommerce platform that would serve all these needs out of the box.

The name "3dcart" reflects this mission, as the 3 Ds stand for the three dimensions of eCommerce: store owners, shoppers and search engines. The tools we provide cover everything you need to successfully manage all three dimensions.

For store owners, the 3dcart Online Store Manager is a powerful and efficient administration dashboard for managing products, orders, customers and everything else. For shoppers, business owners have access to tons of customer-facing features like optimized store design, and advanced marketing and promotion tools including newsletters, abandoned cart recovery, loyalty programs and much more. And for search engines, our robust, easy-to-use SEO features make us the best eCommerce platform for SEO.

We also integrate with more payment providers than any other platform, which means greater possibilities for business owners to accept the most popular payment methods of their target customers. With 3dcart, you can choose to accept credit cards, cryptocurrency, one-click checkout via digital wallets like Apple Pay, provide financing options to your customers and whatever else your business needs. This includes high-risk payment processors for selling in restricted or regulated industries.

Our pricing is a standout as well; we don't charge transaction fees, and many of our built-in features can only be found in the form of expensive third-party apps on other platforms.

4. What is 3dcart looking forward to in 2019? New platform updates that promote ease of use? Accuracy?

We recently released 3dcart Version 9, which included several enhancements to our platform across the board. In Version 9, we added tons of features including carrier delivery notifications so customers can receive an email confirmation when their order reaches "out for delivery" and "delivered" status. We enhanced DNS control and non-spam verifications for store emails to help prevent our clients' online stores from being flagged as spammers.

Other enhancements include our AliExpress product importer, address verification for phone orders, Google Address Autocomplete for customer-facing checkout and much more. We also completely overhauled the 3dcart File Manager to improve our merchants' user experience when uploading product photos.

5. What benefits will customers expect to see as a result?

3dcart Version 9 improves speed and ease of use for online business owners. Some features, like Google Address Autocomplete, will boost conversions by making checkout faster for customers, and will also reduce errors in shipping due to an incorrectly typed address. We also added a Payments API to allow payment processors to create their own integration with 3dcart, so that's another new feature that expands options for our merchants.

Another new feature is an activity log to display changes made to orders, products and customers so our clients can better track alterations made within their store. This is especially important for businesses that maintain a larger staff.

If you'd like to know more about the features and benefits of 3dcart Version 9, we have an article on our blog about all the new eCommerce features.

6. How do these updates/changes relate to broader industry trends?

Like we mentioned earlier, ease of use has always been an important trend, and the need for it shows no signs of slowing down. Online store owners want simplicity; running a business isn't easy, and the eCommerce industry is responding with tools to help streamline the various management tasks a business has to handle. These tasks grow along with the business, so we need scalability.

Quality of life is closely related to ease of use, and the eCommerce industry is taking notice of the "small things" that can make a huge difference for both merchants and customers. We're pleased to develop features for 3dcart that will not only improve quality of life for store owners (like the new activity log) but also help them improve the user experience they offer to customers. That means happy customers, more conversions and everybody wins.

7. Briefly explain the partnership between ReTrans Freight and 3dcart.

3dcart has a direct integration with ReTrans Freight as a transportation partner in order to help our clients streamline their supply chains and utilize the latest eCommerce shipping solutions. Our integration allows 3dcart online store owners to access ReTrans Freight's real-time LTL shipping rates, meaning a 3dcart store can instantly calculate and display an accurate shipping charge regardless of the complexity of the order. This is an important step toward optimizing checkout and reducing cart abandonment.

On the admin side, 3dcart store owners can use the shipping tools, reporting and freight bill administration provided by ReTrans Freight. It's a seamless connection that allows both B2C and B2B merchants using 3dcart and ReTrans Freight to get the best of both worlds.

Have a question about our partnership with 3dcart or our eCommerce shipping solutions that wasn't answered? Contact ReTrans Freight here.