Part 2: Why Use a 3PL Provider at All?

Written by Neal Willis
Why Use a 3PL Provider at All?Along with thought leadership and strategic advice, 3PLs offer companies unique resources and capabilities that can give them an edge over their competition, regardless of the industry. 
The right 3PL can positively impact a business in a num
ber of ways, including assistance with: 

  • Streamlining Processes
  • Creating Administrative Efficiencies
  • Analytics & Data Collection
  • Systems & Ecommerce Integration
  • Visibility of Their Supply Chain
  • Reducing & Controlling Costs
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Growing Sales

Not only can a 3PL help with a shipper’s supply chain operations and expenditure, often times the 3PL can help with a company’s sales, service, and accounting functions as well.  They offer technology applications that have been refined over time and can offer shippers a rapidly deployable, off the shelf technology and/or TMS solution that’s fully customizable to meet their requirements with minimal cost and modification required.

Why Use a 3PL Provider at All?By creating efficiencies that make the buying process more pleasant, such as providing ecommerce sellers with the ability to give their customers multiple delivery options for orders along with the respective freight rates/charges associated with each option in their online shopping cart at checkout, a 3PL can help create a more customizable and user friendly buying experience that leads to repeat and referral business, which translates into more sales. On the administrative side, the data consolidation and reporting capabilities provided by a 3PL can prove an invaluable asset for forecasting and strategic planning.  A 3PL can automate tasks, such as reconciling freight bills with rate quotes, which frees up time shippers can use to focus on other important issues.

3PLs can offer years of experience and industry contacts that can’t be ignored.


For many companies, it’s simply wise to take full advantage of the comprehensive suite of services a qualified 3PL supplier can provide to help them solve the supply chain problems they deal with every day.  In the next post in this series, we’ll take a look at which 3PL model could potentially be right for you.