Magento Imagine Reveals Struggles Many B2B Companies Face

Written by Nicola Malaney

magento-imagine-explores-technologies-with-jamie-foxx-1I think I can speak for almost everybody when I say that the highlight of Magento Imagine this year was attending Jamie Foxx’s hilarious keynote session, in which he masterfully mixed humor and music into his message about leadership.

If you’re not familiar with his backstory I encourage you to take a moment to learn about his talent and determination, it’s quite remarkable. If you’re in the market for affordable, yet fashionable sunglasses, be sure to check out his Privé Revaux line which is, of course, powered by Magento.

I’m sure Magento’s CEO Mark Lavelle was quite pleased to get a celebrity endorsement for his eCommerce platform; Foxx looked directly into the camera and proudly announced that “We run it on Magento!” Can’t get much better than that.

Aside from the obvious appeal of a star-studded lineup (Brain Games’ Jason Silva also gave a riveting speech on futurism), Imagine gave us the opportunity to dive into the struggles that a lot of B2B companies face and learn about the technologies and strategies that have been created to solve them.

It can be quite healthy to take a step back from your area of expertise (ours being transportation) and see the broader picture about the obstacles your clients are facing. It was also inspiring to hear success stories like that of Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of the cupcake dynamo Baked by Melissa. Her story starts with her getting fired due to poor performance and ends with her leading the charge in the baked goods market. I not only left feeling encouraged but quite hungry as well!  

We also got to experience the sense of community fostered by Magento that we’d been hearing about for months prior to the show. It was palpable; developers, marketers and C-level staff from many different companies came together to share ideas, jokes and stories. Although we were new faces at Imagine, we felt welcomed and enjoyed chatting with other attendees about what a freight company was doing at an eCommerce show.

Another highlight was sharing a booth with our wonderful partner, ShipperHQ. We truly appreciated the opportunity to spend time with the team that we’ve worked so closely with recently. Being able to collaborate in person to educate merchants on how our products work together to provide a turnkey shipping solution was a great experience, but I’d be remiss not to mention how much fun we had on the dance floor at Tuesday night’s “Legendary Evening Event” held at the Encore Beach Club. Despite the proximity of the dance floor to the pool, I’m almost certain there were no water-related incidents!

With another successful Las Vegas eCommerce show under our belts, the team is looking forward to a change of scenery when we head to Toronto to see what Shopify Unite (May 7-9) has to offer.

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