How to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Site

Written by Nicola Malaney

Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is just under 70 percent? This means that roughly seven out of every 10 companies provide the products that shoppers are looking for, but not the ideal online shopping experiences they’re looking for.

Shopping cart abandonment is a term used to describe shoppers who add products to an online shopping cart, but leave the website without making a purchase.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons why many customers abandon their carts at checkout and what can be done to reduce online shopping cart abandonment.

Common Reasons for Checkout Abandonment

reasons for cart abandonment

In order to reduce shopping cart abandonment, it’s important to understand why customers abandon their carts in the first place.

Complex Checkout Processes

Online shoppers have short attention spans. If the checkout process is long and complicated, they’ll abandon their carts. One way to combat this is by reducing the number of form fields for checkout and payment. Remove any fields that aren’t necessary for customers to complete their purchases, such as mobile numbers and middle names. It's important to keep forms as short as you can.

Website Errors/Crashes

Too often, websites slow down or produce errors while customers are browsing through items and adding them to their carts—these are inconveniences that customers don't tolerate.

In such instances, customers often don’t bother going back to their cart again. They’ll find a faster, hassle-free online shopping experience. Keeping your site up and running is crucial, or you risk losing business. Here are some of the more common reasons websites crash:

  • Plugins: Verify all plugins are updated and compatible with all browsers.
  • Coding: Don’t add code that conflicts with the current code or a plugin.
  • Domain error: Check your domain’s expiration date to make sure it never expires.
  • Hackers: Make sure your security software is up to date and install antivirus and anti-malware software.
  • Traffic spike: Ensure that your server can handle a sudden influx of traffic.

Having to Register

checkout registrationThis goes hand in hand with having a complex checkout process. Quick and convenient experiences generate online purchases. The last thing customers want is to go through a ton of extra steps just to buy something. If they have to create a new account to complete their purchase, they may get frustrated—thus leading to online shopping cart abandonment. Make it as easy as possible by adding a guest checkout option, which allows customers to complete their purchases without having to register for an account.

Unexpected Shipping Costs

Inaccurate or unclear shipping costs are another primary reason shoppers abandon their carts without making a purchase. High and unexpected shipping costs contribute to high checkout abandonment rates in eCommerce. Customers want accurate freight charges from the moment they place their order, especially when shipping large items.

But how can you ensure this happens?

One solution is to find the right shipping partner, regardless of whether you’re shipping small parcel, LTL or full truckload.

If you’re shipping LTL and navigating the complexities in the space that often occur between manufacturer, carrier and end customer, you’re going to need a partner with transportation management system software that promotes efficiency, flexibility and transparency.

LTL eCommerce shipping solutions like those provided by ReTrans Freight can help.

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