eCommerce: How Freight Costs Can Increase Sales & Market Share

Written by Neal Willis

Sellers are always looking for a competitive edge wherever possible,shopping-cart
or at least they should be, and with ecommerce really exploding over the past few years, many have found a distinct advantage within their own ecommerce websites. Clever online sellers have been able to increase sales and market share by automatically populating freight costs into their online shopping carts at checkout, so their customers are always able to see the total costs for orders.  

Price is not always the most important factor when it comes to making a decision about an online purchase. Often times, convenience plays a big role. Consumers often abandon online shopping carts that don’t show freight costs in search of a seller who does provide the total cost, including freight for an item. Many modern consumers have had the experience of shopping online, finding what they want and placing it into an online shopping cart. Then they proceed to checkout and discover, at some point during the checkout process, that they aren’t able to immediately see or determine how much it’s going to cost to have the order shipped.

This is a critical point in the ecommerce sales process. As a result of freight rate integration into ecommerce platforms, sellers who give consumers freight costs upfront benefit from increased sales, and sellers that don’t display the freight costs, lose out. Some ecommerce sellers have taken it a step further and give their customers multiple delivery options and services along with their associated costs at checkout, too, thus making the entire buying experience as pleasant as possible for consumers.

Most carriers offer additional service alternatives other than just
standard delivery, Oct20th_2like time definite and white glove delivery services. Depending on the delivery requirements, most of these additional service options, along with their respective costs, can also be automatically displayed in online shopping carts, giving consumers even more choices for how and when they receive their orders. More customization and a variety of choices leaves shoppers with a better buying experience. A better buying experience leads to repeat business and referrals, both of which increase sales.

It does require some time and resources to integrate heavy freight rates into an ecommerce platform and not everyone has the technical know-how and/or the staff necessary to get it done. You might want to ask your carrier(s) for assistance, but since they aren’t in the software and coding business, they may only be able to provide you with access to the freight rates and you will still need to rely on someone else to assist with the integration of these rates into your site.

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