Gain A Competitive Advantage Through Optimized Freight Billing

Written by Paul Forand

Optimized-Freight-BillingIs your organization attempting to use freight systems to try to gain competitive advantage in your market?  If not, it may be time to do so.

It's no secret that shipping expenses are continually rising and a lot of companies tend to look at that problem only in terms of their own bottom line.

What some fail to notice is that shipping policies, procedures, and pricing are increasingly a selling point among buyers who are also dealing with higher freight costs. A company which can offer faster, smoother, or -above all- cheaper freight is one that will have a significant advantage against their competitors.

A change to electronic freight billing systems can accomplish all of these things and more, providing an experience which is both easier and more beneficial to your buyers.  In the long run, it will pay off with reduced expenses for you as well as greater customer appeal.

Major Ways Electronic Freight Billing Improves Everyone's Experience

1 - Reduced paperwork.

The idea of paperless freight bill processing by itself is a compelling reason to upgrade.  If your company is still using paper, you're adding hours (or days or weeks) to the time needed to process transactions, as well as losing many man-hours to the filing and auditing of paper records.  Paper is simply too slow and costly these days.

Plus, carriers are coming to expect paperless e-processing systems.  Companies that remain tied to paper processes will only be putting themselves at a disadvantage going forward.

2 - Closer carrier collaboration brings accurate freight quotes.

Most major carriers and third-party logistics firms have web services that allow you to access their information databases, which can be integrated into your own points-of-sale, or even directly onto your ecommerce site for quoting and rating shipments.  

This vastly reduces the chances of errors in the quoting process by eliminating some manual entry of data. This is critical because customers will not stand for major mistakes in freight quotes.  If a mistake on your end costs them money, it could prompt them to look for another supplier.

3 - Greatly improved auditing and oversight.shipment-cost

It's nearly impossible for a company to get a handle on all of its shipping expenses without going to a paperless electronic system. Manual auditing can take countless man hours. Auditing through the electronic process can be near instantaneous, and overpayments, duplicate bills and questionable fees can be flagged immediately.

Plus, once you have a company-wide view of your shipping processes, it becomes possible to optimize them at a macro level in a way that cannot be done with paper.

4 - A better purchasing experience.

All of this can add up to a vastly improved experience for your customers, which may be the biggest benefit of all.  Major online retailers like Amazon have been continually pushing for ever-easier methods of buying and shipping, and the result is that even corporate-level buyers are hoping\expecting Amazon-like experiences with their partners.

And in truth, this is completely achievable.  With a combination of automated processes and systems integrations, you can provide a self-serve website that combines the power of major freight systems with the convenience of online general retailers. 

Are Your Freight Systems Modernized?

The world of freight is changing rapidly.  NOW is the time to upgrade your systems, if you haven't already.  Contact ReTrans Freight today for a free consultation!