Control Inbound Shipments: 5 Ways Vendor Portals Optimize Shipping

Written by Paul Forand


Freight charges have become a true price-point battleground. Companies are fighting to keep their profits steady in the face of rising freight costs, and they have to find ways to lower charges to their end-buyers.

If not, they will lose business. After all, the customers are feeling the shipping pinch as well, and they're looking to lower their own operating costs.

If you drop-ship frequently, one of the most effective ways of containing and lowering costs is having your vendors use an online vendor routing portal. It’s an excellent tool for ensuring your vendors are routing freight least cost and complying with your requests.

Vendor Portals On Your eCommerce Network

What is a vendor portal? It’s an online web services portal that gives your vendors real time shipment routing instructions for least cost routing, and it gives you visibility of vendor shipments for tracking and reporting by creating a digital paper trail from start to finish.

 Five Ways Vendor Portals Improve Your Shipping Processes

 1 - Reduced manpower.

Your people will spend less time filling out instructions for your vendors, and they'll take less time processing them.  

2 - Expedited dispute resolution.

Since entering contact information is required to obtain routing information, you have a direct point of contact for every shipment sent by your vendors should any problems or discrepancies come about.  


3 - Ensuring vendor compliance. 

We're obviously not pointing fingers, but there can be issues with drop-shippers padding their bill or deliberately using expensive shipping methods to boost their percentage. When properly implemented, the vendor routing portal can help ensure that every order placed gets optimal pricing and routing and protects everyone in the process.

 4 - Unified reference numbers.

A reference number is required of the vendor in order for them to obtain routing instructions. Shipment detail is then tied to the reference number, which makes everything about the shipment from start to finish traceable.

The reference number is also used in the automated matching of quoted vs. billed amounts, which proactively identifies discrepancies between quotes and final prices.

 5 - Faster payment!

A vendor routing portal gives you visibility of freight charges for vendor shipments early on in the process, so you don’t have to wait for the freight bill to come in to invoice your customers for the freight charges. You can see them next day, which allows you to bill for the freight charges faster.

If you'd like help or advice on integrating a vendor portal into your shipment processes, just contact Re-Trans Freight.  With over thirty years in freight services and an industry-leading reputation, we have the experience to drastically reduce your freight expenditures.