The Benefits of Integrating eCommerce With Logistics

Written by Neal Willis

integrating ecommerce with logistics

No matter the industry, the pressure on businesses to cut and keep costs low remains constant. There are numerous benefits associated with integrating eCommerce with logistics. Both the eCommerce and logistics industries prove no exceptions to the fact that cost reductions can be achieved with process and efficiency enhancements through technology and automation. ROI (Return on Investment) isn’t always easily measured, especially monetarily. Time is a commodity that’s difficult, if not impossible, to place a hard dollar value on and, to some, it is deemed as being priceless.

Increased Sales

Especially for heavier items that can’t be shipped via small parcel, having freight rates available in your online shopping cart at checkout gives consumers visibility of the shipping costs while they’re on the website, which decreases the chances of losing a sale because a customer doesn’t want to wait for a freight rate.

Improved Quoting Accuracy

Integrating your eCommerce with logistics can improve quoting accuracy. With an accurate product catalog that includes correct weights and dimensions for all of your products, obtaining freight rates will require less manual data entry, which means more accurate rate quotes with less time spent quoting.

Accounting Efficiencies

ecommerce and logisticsIntegrating eCommerce with your logistics operations allows for a centralized location of shipment information for rating and reporting capabilities. With centralized access to all shipment information, you will be able to retrieve the information you need on demand without having to go through multiple sources, which saves an incredible amount of time and frustration.

Automated Shipment Routing

With carriers and freight rates displayed to customers at checkout, shipments are essentially routed for your shipping department at the same time your customer places an order online. Eliminating the need for your staff to run rate quotes on every shipment can free up valuable time for them elsewhere, which can lead to faster order processing and turnaround times throughout your supply chain.

Enhanced Buying Experience & Improved Customer Satisfaction

Integrating eCommerce with logistics gives you the ability to incorporate and display multiple service and delivery options to customers. With additional options for delivery available at checkout, customers can more easily tailor deliveries to meet their specific needs, which enhances the buying experience and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Integrating eCommerce with logistics may seem like an overwhelming task that you wouldn’t want to get involved with. However, if you’re partnered with the right service provider(s) and armed with the necessary technology and tools, integrating eCommerce with logistics can prove to be a fairly easy undertaking that will pay countless dividends for years down the road.

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