How To Avoid Inaccurate Freight Charges & Keep Customers Happy

Written by Paul Forand


It's getting increasingly difficult for an independent company to navigate the maze of freight quoting and billing. Are you doing everything you can to avoid unnecessary freight charges and fees?

Freight is charged based on a number of factors including shipment origin, destination, weight, class of the commodity being shipped, and delivery requirements. Inaccurate shipping information can turn into unforeseen freight charges.   

Some third-party shipping coordinators will quote lower prices to merely get customers, but if the rates are too low, they are deliberately under-billing.  If the shipment happens to go through a carrier’s network without a problem, no one ever hears about it.  However, if a carrier decides to re-class or re-weigh a shipment because the freight description was not accurate, the provider "discovers" the mistake, pays the additional fees, and retroactively bills the client for the additional costs incurred.

The end result is a small business who simply thought they were getting a good deal now receiving a huge bill three months down the road that they weren't expecting, but are legally obligated to pay.

So whether you're handling your own shipping, or working with a third party, it's vital to keep a few things in mind regarding accurate shipping charges.

Key Ways To Keep Your Freight Billing Accurate

1 – Keep an Accurate Database of Product Specification Data

A central, precise database of all products/materials being shipped and all their physical attributes is a must if you want to keep your freight charges accurate.  Paper-based recordkeeping is hard to maintain and is difficult to access throughout an organization.

A central database of all your shipped products, along with their weights and measurements, will vastly improve shipment accuracy.

2 - Knowledgeable staff.transporation-cost

Ideally, your staff should be familiar with what information is needed to obtain an accurate freight quote, which includes any additional carrier services that may be required. Knowing this information up front, when a shipment is quoted, is crucial to obtaining an accurate freight quote and avoiding unexpected charges.

3 - Customer service savvy.

Getting your customer an accurate quote will result in improved customer relations. Having all of the information necessary at the time of quoting will cut down on the number of instances where a customer (or you) may have to pay a higher than expected freight charge.

In fact, that's how we do things at ReTrans Freight!

Customer-Focused Shipping Builds Relationships

We strongly believe in making shipping transparent.  If the client can see how much money they're saving on freight it will, in turn, build a strong customer relationship.

For more advice on how to avoid errors in your freight quoting and billing processes, please contact ReTrans Freight with your questions!


photo credit: altheengineer via photopin cc

photo credit: altheengineer via photopin cc