Theodore Higgins

Theodore is the Director of Information Technology for ReTrans Freight, where he focuses on configuring, deploying and managing the network. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and holds many certifications through CompTIA such as A+, Network+, Security+, Secure Infrastructure Specialist and Operations Specialist. He works closely with the development team to make sure changes are released smoothly. Keeping the systems running 24/7 is a vital part of his role.

Recent Posts

23 May

API Logistics: How APIs Improve Transportation Management

You don’t realize how many of your everyday tasks are connected to the internet via APIs. An API in layman’s terms allows any internet-connected...

18 Sep

ReTrans Freight Launches Mobile Freight Tracking App

I remember when I got my first smartphone. My initial thought was, what’s the hype? Sure, I didn’t have to flip it open or raise the antenna, but...

27 Apr

Blockchain: How Can It Support the ELD Mandate to Help the Trucking & Logistics Industry?

Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of transactions that's distributed, but not copied, and public.

Therefore, it's a distributed public...

27 Feb

Big Data: Is It Important?

Big data is popping up all over the place. What is big data? It is defined as a large volume of data that is both structured and unstructured....


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