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Paul Forand is a logistics executive, leader, and seasoned professional in new business development, sales team development, client retention, and operational and financial planning. As Vice President of Business Development at ReTrans Freight, Paul has helped create a multi-million dollar company by expanding new relationships and reinforcing existing client relationships, in addition to expanding the company’s footprint to national and regional markets. Throughout his 20+ year career at the company, Paul has gained a 360 degree view of logistics which has allowed him to navigate the challenges associated with this complex business.
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09 May

4 Factors That Determine Your LTL Freight Class

All commodities (products) are assigned a specific commodity classification code number (National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®)) that has...

19 May

Carrier Capacity: How Less Trucks & Drivers Affect Shipping Costs

The shipping industry is facing plenty of challenges today, and many of those center around drivers and trucks.   Demand for freight is pushing...

14 May

Why Companies Should Prioritize Tracking & Analyzing Freight Data

Freight charges are going up, and that's unlikely to change in the near future. Should you optimize your shipping processes to compensate?


05 May

4 Ways To Develop a Winning Inbound Freight Management Strategy

There are, of course, two sides to the freight management coin - inbound and outbound.  Getting a handle on your outbound traffic is relatively...

28 Apr

4 Reasons Freight Carrier Rates Will Continue To Rise In The U.S

It's no surprise if you're seeing your freight rates slowly rise. Both the domestic and international shipping markets are facing huge new...

23 Apr

How Guaranteed Capacity Affects Your Rising Transportation Costs

With a multitude of factors such as economic growth, heightened government regulations, driver shortages, and aging fleets and highways converging...

17 Apr

Is Your Freight Quote Process Obsolete? What Can You Do About It?

For many companies, a Transportation Management System can quickly update their shipping processes into a leaner, meaner, cost-cutting machine.  A...

14 Apr

4 Ways Capacity Is Driving Up U.S. Freight Transportation Costs

We talk a lot about the rising costs of freight and shipping, but why is it exactly? In truth, numerous factors are to blame. Let's take a quick...

09 Apr

Automating Freight Charge Calculation In Your Organization

Whether you set it up yourself or hire expert consultants for help, a full-featured Transportation Management System can radically change your...

07 Apr

Lower Freight Costs With Deeper Inbound Supply Chain Insights

We like to talk about how freight expenses are one of the most-controllable costs in a business, but have you considered how this is also true for...


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