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Neal Willis

Neal Willis is a logistics and supply chain professional who has helped mentor shippers on long and short term action plans for business growth. As Client Solutions Executive at ReTrans Freight, Neal has helped shippers achieve favorable outcomes to numerous damage freight claim settlements with carriers. Having trained with the NMFC, Neal has a great understanding of the rules and guidelines and has extraordinary experience in the industry. Neal’s expertise has stemmed from firsthand experience in a shipping department, working for carriers, and now facilitating communication and collaboration among shippers and carriers for close to 10 years. Currently, in his position, Neal has successfully helped shippers achieve substantial results and has guided them through many logistics and day to day challenges.
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29 Nov

Improving Supply Chain Visibility Through an Integrated Transport Strategy

For companies that are geographically spread out with locations in different regions, supply chain management can be challenging, especially when...

29 Oct

File a Freight Claim: Full Market Value & Profit Loss

Cargo claims are not intended to be a profit center, and including profit in a freight claim is not often warranted. The goal of any cargo claim...

02 Oct

8 Questions to Ask Your Third-Party Logistics Provider

Unrealistic expectations and disappointment often go hand in hand. When evaluating logistics companies and assessing their service proposals,...

17 Aug

Navigating Tight Capacity, Higher Freight Shipping Costs

As we enter into the busy period of shipping ahead of peak retail season, shippers are facing tight market conditions where, for a change, the...

25 Jul

Limited Access, Non-Commercial & Construction Site Deliveries

Oftentimes, “limited access” or “non-commercial” fees are imposed by carriers based on the amount of difficulty involved with delivery. Depending...

19 Jul

Freight Claim Filing & FOB Terms

Shippers often seek to determine the responsibility of freight claim filing based on either the payment of the freight charges or the FOB (Free on...

27 Jun

Volume LTL Shipments Vs. Full Truckload: Which Is Best?

LTL freight carrier networks are geared towards smaller-sized shipments that take up a minimal amount of space within a trailer, which is one...

20 Feb

How Freight Carriers Benefit From Partnering With 3PL Freight Transportation Companies

With tight capacity, newly developing technology and eCommerce at the forefront of supply chain topics, third-party freight transportation...

30 Jan

How to Avoid Unexpected Accessorial Charges for LTL Services

All it takes is accuracy and a few simple steps to ensure you save yourself both time and money on your next LTL shipment. Accurate shipment...

16 Jan

Freight Management Companies: APIs and Plans for Growth & Failure

Freight management companies at the forefront of the eCommerce industry tend to have three things in common: (1) APIs, (2) Plans for growth, and (3)...


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