Lower Costs: The Added Value of Freight Payment & Audit Services

Written by Neal Willis

iStock_000008788841_Medium_Bill_OverloadEvery shipment sent to and from your company generates its own paper trail of documents such as the invoice, bill of lading, and the delivery receipt, among others.  Before cutting a check or making a transfer of funds to a carrier for a freight invoice, carrier freight charges should be verified and checked for accuracy.

Most likely done by someone in accounts payable, matching order and shipment information to corresponding freight charges on a carrier invoice can be a massively time consuming process, and an accounts payable department can get bogged down really quickly with multiple freight carriers invoicing in several different formats at various ongoing intervals.

A freight payment and audit service offers numerous advantages other than simply saving time and headaches, and outsourcing the processing and payment of carrier freight bills can aid in achieving savings in your transportation operations.

Streamlined Payables

Rather than cutting many checks to several carriers, a freight payment and audit service will consolidate all of the different carrier invoices into one bill and allow you to cut one check for all them.  This cuts down not only on the amount and the cost of the actual checks themselves, but it also reduces the cost of overhead associated with writing and keeping track of multiple checks and/or bank account transfers.

Data & Reporting

Along with a streamlined payables system, a freight bill audit and payment service can give you 24/7 on-demand access to your weekly freight data in a nice, clean format such as an Excel, Word and/or PDF file.  This will enable you to analyze historical freight data in a plethora of ways not previously possible, including the ability to sort shipments by:

  • Date
  • Carrier
  • Vendor
  • Consignee
  • Direction
  • Reference Number (PO#, Sales Order#)

With centralized freight data at your fingertips, a thorough and ongoing analysis of internal and external systems as well as carrier/provider performance is made easy.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Since each carrier’s data is accessible iniStock_000060834010_Medium_Time__Money one place from virtually anywhere at any time, shipment information and document images, such as bill of ladings and delivery receipts, can be obtained rapidly. The time and costs associated with tracking down information from multiple sources is drastically reduced, and more time is available for focusing attention elsewhere.

Carrier Invoice Dispute Resolution

A freight payment and audit service has access to carrier contacts that you may not be able to reach on your own.  When there’s a dispute, they know who to go to for a resolution.

Bill Audit Savings

Whether it’s an accessorial charge being wrongly assessed, an incorrect fuel surcharge or base rate being applied, or some other mistake, a freight payment and audit service has a highly trained staff that’s specifically taught to spot freight billing errors.  The savings from common billing errors alone can more than pay for the cost of the service, if there is a charge for it.  

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