2017 Pre-Season College & NFL Football – Who Will Come Out On Top?

Written by Neal Willis

nfl-college-football.jpgBoth college and professional football fans alike have been anxiously awaiting the start of football season for quite some time now. As summer draws to an end, the time for football is upon us. Right or wrong, here’s a quick peek at what I believe is in store for the fans.

The pre-season favorite in college football is Alabama, which is no surprise to anyone living in this decade. 

After the general consensus pick of Alabama as the favorite in the pre-season polls, it’s a mixed bag of uncertainty as to who has the best shot at bringing home the national title this year. 

Last year’s national championship was a re-match of Clemson and Alabama from the year prior, and that re-match is not out of the realm of possibilities once again for the third straight year. Clemson must first make it past their ACC Atlantic division rivals Florida State to secure their spot in one of the four playoff berths to give that rematch a chance yet again. Florida State begins their season with a matchup against Alabama that could very well end up being the determining factor for which one of those two powerhouses makes or misses the playoffs at the end of the regular season, and it, too, could prevent the Clemson vs. Alabama scenario from playing out.  

football-season.jpgOhio State certainly has a lot to prove after the disgraceful defeat to Clemson last year, and some experts believe they are a legitimate title contender. One thing is clear, and that is the fact that the ACC is as strong as ever with the likes of Louisville, FSU and Clemson in the mix, all of which are pre-season top 25 teams. The SEC is still a powerhouse conference, but there is no real clear front-runner other than Alabama. In the end, it’s my prediction that the NCAA football playoff for this season will be comprised of a four team matchup of Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson and Washington with Alabama emerging as the national champions.   

Turning to the NFL scene, several pre-season NFL games have already been played and served as a showcase for new league talent, such as Houston Texan’s quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who is vying for a starting position in his rookie season. Last year’s Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots hope to stay in the playoff picture, and the Atlanta Falcons want a shot at redemption. I’m predicting that Seattle will come out on top of the NFC after a close matchup with Atlanta, and New England will once again come out on top of the AFC after a tough championship game against Pittsburgh. For a replay of the 2015 Super Bowl, New England will meet Seattle and New England will bring home the trophy, again.