Our Leadership Team Has Over 30 Years of Experience in the Logistics Freight Management Industry

 Anthony Charland, Vice President of Information Technology at ReTrans Freight

Anthony Charland

Vice President

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Tony is directly responsible for building carrier relationships, negotiating contracts and pricing, performing analytics to increase customer productivity and overseeing the day-to-day operations of ReTrans Freight.

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Brian Hiller, Vice President of Business Development at ReTrans Freight

Brian Hiller

Vice President, Business Development

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Brian is directly responsible for establishing new accounts, customer retention, sales team initiatives, cross-company collaboration and marketing campaigns.  

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Kevin Brink, Director of Client Solutions at ReTrans Freight

Kevin Brink

Vice President, Sales Operations

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Kevin is primarily responsible for proactively identifying opportunities that enhance customer capabilities. He’s also directly responsible for developing and nurturing customer relationships, analyzing data to enrich customers’ proficiencies, identifying and managing technology integrations and overseeing customer service at ReTrans Freight.

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