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ReTrans Freight Web Portals & Systems Integrations

Access all the information you need through your own custom web portal, or integrate with your transactional systems, ERP or Bill of Lading Software

ReTrans Freight Web Portal

We will customize and host a branded portal for your company to manage daily freight related tasks, including:

  • Real-time rate quotes
  • Freight invoicing
  • Invoice lookups (document imaging)
  • Freight reporting
  • Shipment tracking
  • etc.

We can also customize how the results are shown for different user groups.  We can show either the least cost carrier only, or the 3 lowest cost options, depending on how you want to manage the freight.

You can also limit access to certain tools by specific user account within your company.

ReTrans Freight freight shipping web portal

APIs and Web Services

Your Web Portal is a great way to access all of this information, however, it gets better:  

We will identify opportunities for integration of our tools into your business processes across your organization.

For example, if your sales department uses the freight calculator 100 times per day, we’ll directly link the freight calculator to your application through XML. This makes your whole quoting process more efficient by eliminating the manual process associated with checking rates, assigning codes, and entering information into the system.

Our No-cost Freight Savings Analysis will identify this type of potential improvement to your business processes.

shipping APIs and web services

Vendor Routing Web Portal

We will customize and host a branded Vendor Routing Web Portal for you to provide to your vendors so they can obtain accurate, least-cost routing instructions.

This Vendor Routing Web Portal is linked to your company’s ReTrans Freight Account. As a result, all the vendor has to do is enter the PO, put in the characteristics of the shipment, and the Vendor Portal will be automatically populated with all relevant information for routing.

Your vendors will have immediate access to:

  • Order Information
  • Transit Time
  • Routing Instructions
  • Special Requirements

You can even track which person at a vendor company entered the order information, eliminating awkward “he said, she said” scenarios in the event of an error.

You then receive a daily report on the status of each transaction. You can see when your shipment is en-route, who the freight carrier is, the estimated delivery time, and the expected charges.

vendor routing and web portal


EDI Capabilities

ReTrans Freight can integrate EDI into your systems. For example, one of the most common integrations is to streamline the payables process:  all the carriers bill their freight and send us all of the documents.  We’ll then audit the freight bills and push the reports to your system on a weekly basis. This way you get all the payables, freight bills and reports, and only have to issue one check for everything. We take care of the rest.

edi capabilities


Custom Data Files

ReTrans Freight can create customized reports and export your data in popular formats like Microsoft Excel, CSV files, and Word.

custom shipping data files

Document Imaging

We take care of scanning and storing all your documents, freeing your internal resources.  You can access all of the document images through your custom Web Portal.

document imaging

Bill-of-Lading Software Integration

ReTrans Freight can integrate rates with your Bill-of-Lading software and help you eliminate hours and hours of data entry.  Most times, to prepare a bill of lading you need to key in the same information you used to get a rate quote from a carrier (Zip codes, weight, class, etc.).  

Now we can integrate the rate quoting right into your bill-of-lading application so you can generate your rate quote and carrier options with a single click, without ever leaving your current BOL application.  

bill of lading software integration


Risk-Free, No-Commitment - Let our team of experts conduct a no cost benchmark analysis of your shipping operation and costs to see if ReTrans Freight is the right partner for your company.