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15 Aug

Looming Capacity Concerns & Rising Rates

As we enter the end of August, kids are beginning to go back to school and parents are going back to work after vacationing with the kids. The...

01 Aug

Why Direct-to-Carrier Freight Transport May Cost You More

Shippers are often unable to achieve pricing concessions such as higher claims liability limits and reduced and/or waived accessorial fees built...

11 Jul

What You Need To Know About LTL Freight Packaging

The LTL freight environment is full of potential damage-causing hazards including shock, vibration and compression. Handling and climate can also...

06 Jul

Preparing, Packaging & Palletizing LTL Freight Shipments

A few best practices in LTL freight shipping management can help shippers reduce damages, unexpected freight charges and overhead costs.

27 Jun

Comparing Freight Shipping Quotes

Shippers often contact multiple LTL freight carriers to find the least expensive freight rate. It’s important to keep in mind that carriers price...

30 May

The Flow of Freight Data & Shipment Information: (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange vs. (API) Application Program Interface

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been the industry standard for years. EDI is a form of communication between two systems where the specific...

23 May

What Happens When LTL Freight Is Noted & Refused Damaged?

When freight is refused because of noted damage, it’s important to advise the LTL carrier in a timely fashion of the location to which the damaged...

04 Apr

3 Tools Everyone In The Freight/Shipping Industry Should Be Using

Carrier & 3PL Websites

From rate quotes to document images and everything else in between, shippers today have access to 3PL and carrier websites...

20 Dec

LTL 101: A First Timer’s Guide to LTL Shipping

If you’ve only been accustomed to using a parcel service to ship your packages and now find yourself with a shipment that weighs more than 150 lb,...

01 Nov

Process Improvement Savings You’ll Achieve With a 3PL

A 3PL can bring many advantages to the table for a shipper, the least of which is aggressive freight rates. Process improvements that can lower...