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15 Aug

Looming Capacity Concerns & Rising Rates

As we enter the end of August, kids are beginning to go back to school and parents are going back to work after vacationing with the kids. The...

08 Aug

How to Evaluate Logistics Software

What Are Your Pain Points?

It’s important to know the pain points within your organization. With numerous vendors and products available, it’s...

01 Aug

Why Direct-to-Carrier Freight Transport May Cost You More

Shippers are often unable to achieve pricing concessions such as higher claims liability limits and reduced and/or waived accessorial fees built...

25 Jul

Choosing a Logistics Company For Your Aftermarket Auto Parts Company

The automotive aftermarket is a 368 billion dollar industry and continues to grow annually at an average rate of nearly 3.8 percent. As companies...

11 Jul

What You Need To Know About LTL Freight Packaging

The LTL freight environment is full of potential damage-causing hazards including shock, vibration and compression. Handling and climate can also...

20 Jun

Best Practices for Managing Your LTL Freight

With a little bit of guidance, managing LTL freight can be done quite successfully. Here are some best practices to take into consideration:
  • ...
30 May

The Flow of Freight Data & Shipment Information: (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange vs. (API) Application Program Interface

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been the industry standard for years. EDI is a form of communication between two systems where the specific...

02 May

3 Ways To Avoid LTL Freight Classification Errors

Freight classification can be complex and it is getting more complicated all the time. Unfortunately, the freight class of an item is not fixed...

25 Apr

Part 3: What Type of 3PL Fits Your Needs?

Due to the many variations of 3PLs that fall in between the two main categories of Asset Based and Non Asset based 3PLs, shippers sometimes...

18 Apr

Part 2: Why Use a 3PL Provider at All?

Along with thought leadership and strategic advice, 3PLs offer companies unique resources and capabilities that can give them an edge over their...